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Word Funk: I Know What You Did on Hoth — The gang discusses Destiny, the remake of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Dawson’s Creek, Star Wars and Dino Riders.

Hey Leon! I like very much the way you review, very intelligent and with passion. May i ask, could you please make a review from the movie "Network" (1976) i would love to hear your thoughts about that movie and making the connections with actual media and corporations. Hugs from Perú and best wishes for you.

Having never seen the film, I can’t really commit to an answer to that. Of course, you can buy the request through my Patreon and force me. :)


Have you heard of the theory that the original Spider Man movie is about puberty?


I am not doing an episode about Spider-Man.

will you ever do a RC on Children of Men? Also your thoughts on changing it from Men being impudent in the books to women being infertile in the movie

I will one day. I have yet to read the book.

I was wondering if you had any plans on doing an episode on Pan's Labyrinth?

It’s on my list. No ETA, though.

Renegade Cut: Noah - Part 2. The conclusion to the analysis of Noah explores free will and sin as they relate to the film.

Is the term "genre film" redundant? Unless it's a movie that's deliberately designed to be incomprehensible, can't you classify a movie like First Blood as a psychological thriller the same way you could categorize Spider-man as a superhero movie?

It’s an old term for a time when certain genres had niche appeal. Now, science fiction gets huge budgets, horror movies are more popular than ever and superhero films dominate the box office.

Have you considered doing anything on Kill Bill anytime soon?

No, not really.

Have you seen Superman Returns? If so, do you think people may look more favorably on it compared to Man Of Steel?

I have mixed feelings about Superman Returns. I have almost purely negative feelings about Man of Steel. I think some people will come to see Superman Returns in a slightly better light.

Once again, if you want to know if I have seen something, all you have to do is go here: http://letterboxd.com/leonthomas/

I’m with Javert.

I’m with Javert.