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Late Night With Lesbians - Episode 1

What do you think of the series finale "These Are The Voyages..." from Star Trek: Enterprise?

I saw it a long time ago, but if memory serves, it wasn’t all that exciting.

Spock's Brain. You're going to do an "Attack of the Trek" for this episode, right? I mean come on.

Definitely. In fact, according to my schedule, it will happen in a few weeks.

You gonna tackle the infamous 'warp ten salamander sex evolution' episode of VOY? That's easily, IMO, worst episode of the entire trek serial.

It is inevitable.

Will you do "Attack of the Trek" episodes on notoriously bad Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes like "Code of Honor" and "Masks"?

Masks? Maybe. Code of Honor? No. Thought about it a lot. I can’t bring myself to do an episode that has Tasha Yar admittedly flattered that she was kidnapped and forced into a lifetime physical relationship with someone. We all what that really is. Disgusting.

Worse Star Trek V moment - Row, Row, Row Your Boat or the Uhura fan dance?

Fan dance. Kirk, Spock and McCoy singing was an odd moment, but the fan dance was just scary.

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DC Bombshells Pin-Ups by Ant Lucia

I love how all the posters clearly advertise or promote something with a message, and Harley Quinn’s poster is just all HARLEY QUINN!!!

Is it wrong to love Star Trek Generations?

Nah. The worst Trek films are Nemesis, Insurrection and Final Frontier. Generations is somewhere mired in the middle. At least by grading on a curve, it’s not a “bad” Star Trek movie. I would even say that it’s better than Into Darkness, but that’s me.

Don’t worry, everyone. I have my Batman socks on. It’s going to be a good day.

Don’t worry, everyone. I have my Batman socks on. It’s going to be a good day.