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Renegade Cut: Mulholland Drive - Part 6. The analysis concludes. What does it all mean?

i love that you talk mostly of movies you like. i like that positivity

It’s just what motivates me to write. I usually don’t have too much to say about movies I dislike.

Any plans to cover Equilibrium? Personally, I really don't care for the movie, I'd just like to hear someone discuss why the movie isn't nearly as deep as some make it out to be.


any anthology films you enjoyed? particularly horror.

The old Creepshow and similar anthology horror movies from the 80’s and 90’s were a lot of fun.

Could you see a yourself doing a Renegade Cut of Vertigo or possibly Carpenters's The Thing?

Both are on my list.

This will always be my favorite line from a comic book.

This will always be my favorite line from a comic book.

I would have thought you'd pick "The Man Who Was Death" for your favorite Tales From The Crypt episode since it features your man William Sadler in top form (it's the episode where he plays a freelance executioner). Can I assume this episode would be up there as one of your favorites if not your absolute favorite?

If I remember correctly, it’s a good episode. Of course, the best thing attached to the Tales from the Crypt name is Demon Knight, starring William Sadler.

The guy who asked about your favourite TftC episode: hey, "Dig That Cat… He's Real Gone" is my favourite as well! *high fives*

*high five through the Internet*