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When I go back to the hotel room at a convention

could u do a kind of vs analisys of the street fighter? the god awful van damme live action movie, the acceptable anime movie and the recent street fighter assassin's fist.

I’m sorry, but I’ve never heard of it.

/watch?v=R3HTsd4Zs1c I really think you should watch this. It's a little long, but it certainly gave me a new perspective on the movie. Who knows? Maybe it'll give you one, too.

Links don’t work with tumblr Ask. You sent me part of a URL, and you did not mention which movie this is about either. ???

The Spider-Man movies?

I’m rewatching Raimi’s movies soon and will give a proper analysis. Have not seen the Amazing Spider-Man 1 or 2 yet. Stay tuned.

I'm just curious: have you seen CR's review of Prometheus?


Do you think a bad movie that could've been good is worse than a bad movie that was pretty much doomed from inception?

A bad movie is just bad. A bad movie with potential is both bad and disappointing.

Opinion on Prometheus (2012) ?

I genuinely believe there is a good movie in there somewhere. It was botched in the re-writing process. Maybe Prometheus 2 will pull it together.

Which film do you feel is Michael Mann's best: Collateral or Heat?

Never seen Heat. I can’t compare.

Do you know where i can see your Heart of Gaming episodes all of the other sites are dead.

I voluntarily took it down. Heart of Gaming is purposefully no longer available.

Have you seen Nick if Time? If so, what did you think of it?

When I was a kid. I remember enjoying it, but I really can’t give many thoughts to something I saw so long ago.