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why do you think DC/WB has such trouble making good superhero movies now a days?

That’s hard to say because they don’t make very many feature films. I don’t know if I can decipher what is wrong with them purely through Man of Steel.

Do you have a favorite Stanley Kubrick movie?

2001: A Space Odyssey.

I know you're big on Star Wars but how do you feel about Darth Maul?

He’s a minor character with virtually no dialogue who is not developed in any way. What is there really to say?

Question:Do you think that it's best for the Joker's origin to be left unknown and/or ambigious in film or any other medium in order for him to be more threatening and imposing?

I’ve seen the Joker handled different ways in the comics. No reason for it to always be the same in the films.

Will there be more Most Insane Direction Decisions videos in the future?

No, I have nothing planned. Sorry.

Renegade Cut: Noah - Part 1. An analysis of Darren Aronofsky’s 2014 film. This section will focus on comparative religion and how the film adapts texts from various sources.

Word Funk: Renegades of Funk — Leon, Johnny and Austin discuss Microsoft purchasing Minecraft’s development company, the new Apple Watch, Top Gun 2 and recent video games.

I’ll never let you go…

I’ll never let you go…

I just finished your 4 part series on Inception and was wondering if you have heard of the theory that Inception is Nolan's deconstruction of the average person's idea of action/heist films?

I talked about how Nolan saw Inception as a grand heist film in the episode and quoted him saying “The problem is, heist movies tend to be a bit superficial, glamorous, and fun. They don’t tend to be emotionally engaging. What I realized after banging my head into a wall for 10 years trying to finish it is that when you’re dealing with the world of dreams, the psyche, and potential of a human mind, there has to be emotional stakes. You have to deal with issues of memory and desire.”

Not sure there is much else to say about Inception as a heist film.

Have you watched Slavoj Zizek's "A Pervert's Guide To Cinema" and "A Pervert's Guide To Ideology"? I think you might find them rather interesting.