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Favorite Actress?

Gwendoline Christie

PART TWO is up!

Favorite Actor?

Jeffrey Combs.

Quentin Tarantino: master of referential cinema or fourteen-year-old scribbling on a maths textbook?
have you consider looking at how some art movements have had an influence on film, the best examples I can think of is German Expressionist and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920)

Every time I do a non-mainstream film, my views suffer. I’m sorry. I have to keep my revenue up. Bills.

Everyone, Derek the Bard recorded our Sci-Fail panel at Con Bravo. This is Part 1. Check it out!

What are your influences when it comes to film criticism? Any critic/website/tv show in particular?

Reading articles. Listening to film podcasts. All the time. I watch a lot of critic web seriess — Hagan Reviews, Needs More Gay, Folding Ideas, Half in the Bag, etc. — but my show is far more influenced by articles and audio.

Word Funk: The Serious Dudes with Big Mustaches — The gang discusses Canadian stereotypes, Kickstarter failures and Leon’s tale of surprise pornography at a family convenience store.

Is there a problem with racism in media today? As people like racebenders would say. And if so what would be the way to fix it?

There will be a problem with racism in media as long as there is racism, and there will always be racism. Best thing to be done is to chip away at it with proper representation. Of course, this is a massive, complex issue that I can’t possibly solve. Especially on tumblr. :P

Do you like watching musicals? If so, what's your favorite?

No, not really.