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Recently I looked through your liked list on you Letterboxd account. While I found some questionable choices, the movie that took me by surprise was "Blade: Trinity," mostly because of how outspoken you were about David S. Goyer. Explanation?

Explanation? I liked it.

If you have seen it, any thoughts on the mini series I, Claudius?


We all saw the failure of works such as Battleship and Dungeons And Dragons, but do you think tabletop games such as Shadowrun and Paranoia; with their own plots and settings, might have a shot at being legitimately good movie franchise in the right hands?

Having never played Shadowrun or Paranoia, I would not know. I have only dabbled ever so briefly in tabletop RPG’s.

Do you ever watch the videos of any of the music reviewers from That Guy With The Glasses website such as Todd In The Shadows, Paw, Rap Critic, etc.?

Yes, I actually answered this a while back. I watch lots of shows from Channel Awesome and Nerd Vice.


Hey Leon, I do enjoy the Renegade Cuts, but I was wondering, are you doing multiple parts because of the Patreon page? because I do think when its split into 4 parts I do think it makes me want more and more (since I usually cant wait for the next set of episodes when it is 4 part videos (and TGWTG only shows 2 parts at a time)

There are lots of reasons why the episodes are they way they are. One reason is that I have a full time job and other responsibilities in my home. I am terribly overworked. In addition to all of that, researching, recording and editing a 45 minute documentary in my spare time over the course of a few days is not possible. I need to upload something at least once a week for financial reasons. That means some episodes will be split up into the various topics about a single film. Long story short, Inception will be in multiple parts.

I produce a lot of content every week. A few Channel Awesome producers create even more than I do, but most of them do their shows as their full time jobs. I don’t make enough from Renegade Cut to quit any of my other occupations.

There are other reasons, but that will do.

What exactly about Heart of Gaming is it that you regret.

The objectionable content.

What episodes of RC have you used music from Radiohead in?

Too many to list.

In part 3 of your Inception videos, will you talk about the possible significance of the name 'Ariadne' ?


Hi Leon. In the episode "Monsters and Sex" you used a film clip in which werewolves chase a mounted knight in a medieval/fantasy setting. Could you tell me the name of the film please? Also is there anywhere where you list the film clips you have used? Thanks! Love the show!

No, I don’t list the various clips. The film in question was Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.